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Moscow, St. Basil Cathedral
Want to feel a little special? Or, maybe, you just don't have 2 hours to waste in the lines in Russian international airports.

If you book our VIP airport service - we can have you escorted off the airplane and through customs and out of the airport in 15 minutes. All other passengers will still be elbowing their way through the narrow aisles of your plane.

When you are met right off the plane, you are guided to the special VIP area, where your documents are checked. In the meanwhile your luggage is unloaded off the plane separately from everybody elseÕs. A full bar service is available to you while you relax in this special VIP lounge.

On the way back, you have an option of booking a similar treatment. After a special customs clearance and no-line check-in you will be escorted to a VIP lounge. You can comfortably rest there until youÕre called to board your plane. Naturally, you get a priority boarding too.

Below are the prices for VIP services upon arrival and departure for Moscow and St. Petersburg airports.

Sheremetyevo 2 (SVO 2) Domodedovo (DME) VKO Airport (Vnukovo- Moscow) LED Airport (Pulkovo 1 - St. Petersburg)
Arrival/Departure $550 $450 $400 $425

  • Infants under 2 years old are free of charge
  • Children under 12 are 50% off
  • VIP service can be booked no later than one business day prior to the service